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How do I get a customer login / password?

Customer login are only available to our retailers. You need a login to see the prices and to make purchases in the web shop. Application for a login can be found if you click the button for “For Retailers” on the right top hand side. Click on the button “Create Account" and fill out your company details in the form. Once we have processed your request, a system-generated email will be sent to you. You will use your email address and the generated password to log on. Once you have logged on you can change the password.

If a new account is not used within 30 days, a reminder will be sent out. If following that the account is not used, it will be automatically inactivated.

If you already are a retailer for our brands but are new to the web shop, you can email us and we will send you your login information!

Can private customers apply for a customer login?

Customer logins are only available to our retailers. As a private customer you are however welcome to contact us and let us know which product you are interested in and where you live. That way we can let you know where the closest retailer who sells the product in question is located. No login is necessary to view the product information!

How can I see the prices?

Only our retailers can see the prices, by applying for a customer login (see question above). Once you log on to the website you will be able to see the prices and make purchases online. 

How do I place an order in the best way?

If you click “Buy” directly, a store pack of the product (minimum quantity) is placed in the cart. You can also order by clicking “More information” rather than “Buy”. In the drop-down menu on the product side the minimum quantity is automatically displayed (equivalent to a store pack). If you wish to order more than a store pack you can choose the number of products you wish to order in the drop down menu. We always send a order confirmation email where you can view your order before we send it. If there are any questions on the order you need to contact us immediately.

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