Conical Swab Brush

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Swab brush "Rat tail"

We offer you 4 models of swab brushes with different shapes and diameters. They are very practical and effective to clean your pipes, tubes, small "glassware", and all sorts of openings and drains that need to be cleaned and that are difficult to reach without the right kind of brush. We think these small brushes are perfect to get rid of hair that is stuck in your drains, without using chemical products. Choose the right size. We call this model “rat tail”! It is a conical brush
• Material: Black polyamide and stainless steel cable knit
• Size: 40cm x Ø 1,5 to 0,5cm

After use rinse with water, hang up in its wire loop and let it dry in room temperature. Do not put it in the dishwasher.

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