Crumb Tray Set White Cream, Tampico

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Little brush kit - many uses!

Nice cooperation between Andrée Jardin and Mr&Mrs Clynk designers-duo for this handy and beautiful and practical little shovel and brush. Always within reach, on your kitchen counter, it will become very handy in your everyday life. It is a multi-purpose tool and we are sure that you will find out what to do with it. We can give you some tips! Use it to clean away your breakfast crumbs from the table or the kitchen counter and underneath your toaster, to collect the left overs of flour after baking your favorite bread or cake; it will be much more clever than to use a wet sponge turning everything into a mess…It is also very practical to use on narrow surfaces or small tables when you need to collect crumbs and dirt! No need to hide it as it will give a nice touch to your kitchen.
• Made in France
• Shovel : Powder coated steel sheet
• Wooden parts: Varnished French beech wood from sustainable managed forest
• Fibers: Black Horsehair mixed with natural vegetable Tampico fibers (extracted from the Agave Lechuguilla plant) - 100% natural materials
• Packaging: recycled craft cardboard
• Dimensions: Brush c:a 9,5c13cm; shovel about 11x13.4 cm

Once in a while you will need to deep clean the brushes's fibers. Use a mild soap, as a Marseille soap, and wash the fibers. Rinse with clear water, shake off to get rid of the excess of water. Never let your brush stand in water. Let dry completely at room temperature. Wipe the shovel clean with a damp sponge.

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