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Classical corkscrew with a little Andrée Jardin brush!

You are probably wondering what the use of the little brush is? It is simply a practical detail to brush off dust from the label and remove residue of wax or cork from the neck of your bottle.
• Made in France
• Frame: Natural oak wood from sustainable managed forest
• Fibers: Horsehair
• Dimensions : 11 cm X 11 cm

To be used on cork! Use the tip of the worm (the long metal spiral) to cut away foil from the cork first. Screw the worm into the cork. Position the sharp tip of the worm just outside the center of the cork and gently twist it clockwise. Pull the cork out. Grasp the ?T? shaped handle, and slowly pull upwards to remove the cork. Gently pull, twist, and rock the cork from side to side until it comes all the way out. Take your free hand and hold the bottle at the neck as you pull the cork out. Use the brush to clean the residue of the cork and if needed any dust from the label.


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