Beech Wood Mushroom Brush

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Stop peeling! Brush off your delicate fruits, vegetables and mushrooms.

Fruits and vegetables skins are full of vitamins and fibers. But before arriving to your table, they are manipulated in many ways and many times and they will arrive dirty and full with bacteria. Most of the time we peel them to get rid of these impurities, but to maintain their nutritional value, we recommend that instead of peeling them, to simply wash and brush them!
To do so we have this delicate brush made of beech wood and soft horse-hair with zero plastic. It will help clean even your most fragile fruits and mushrooms. Gently scrub under running water for 30 to 60 seconds. The running water helps to remove dirt under the brushing process. Then pat the fruit dry with paper towels or clean hand towels.
• Made in France
• Frame: Natural French beech wood from sustainable managed forests
• Fiber: Soft horsehair
• Dimensions: 12 x 4 x 4 cm

Made from natural materials wood and fibers and with zero plastic, we recommend you to maintain your brush: - rince it with water, once in a while you can soak the bristles in water mixed with white vinegar, it will deep cleans it - shake it vigorously to get rid of most of the water left in the fibers - let it dry completely in room temperature, head down. After a while and as the brush is in 100% natural material, its appearance might be altered by continuous use with water. The most important to longer its life is to allow your brush to always dry well after use.

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