An innovative series that associates the extraordinary properties of felt-alga seaweed from the Mediterranean to the botanical oils from Provence.

For the past 30 years, Compagnie de Provence has been offering products made with botanical oils, inspired by the rich, vibrant, colourful nature of Provence. 30 years of studying the properties of plant oils and seeking out the very best active ingredients have given us the impetus to leave our original, land-based comfort zone and explore a new territory: the Mediterranean Sea. 

The new ALGUE VELOURS collection combines precious botanical oils from Provence with «felt-alga» seaweed from the Mediterranean in a range of ultra-hydrating, anti-pollution products for the face and body. The Mediterranean is a treasure trove of ingredients for your skin.

Dive in, and find out more...

Seaweed fragrance: Fresh and delicate  unisex fragrance that mix to the perfection  floral, citrus and  marine notes

Launching Kit Seaweed

The Mediterranean is a treasure trove of ingredients for your skin. Dive in, and find out more..

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