Savon de Marseille

The original cube of solid Marseille soap that cares for both your home and your body

Made in Marseille from only natural ingredients, vegetable oils and without dyes and synthetic additives, the soap mass is boiled in a large old-fashioned cauldron according to the strictest tradition. This versatile soap is anti-allergic and can be used every day on the skin, even the most sensitive.

In the household, the cube soap is used when washing delicate textiles and baby clothes, but also when cleaning. The soap, for example, is an excellent stain remover and solves grease stains very efficiently and in a natural and environmentally friendly way.

Cube of Marseille Soap - Olive 400g

Authentic Marseille soap cube with olive oil. Fragrance free.

Liquid Black Soap 500ml

The essential product to clean everything in your home. Fragrance free.

Liquid Soap Fragrance Free 495ml

Gently cleanses the skin. Fragrance free

Liquid Soap Fragrance Free Refill

Can be used to refill the 300ml and 500ml pump dispenser bottles several times.

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