Andrée Jardin

Beautiful and durable brushes for you and your home, handmade in France since 1947…

But Andrée Jardin's story started 100 years ago in Nantes with George-René Julio when he started his career as an apprentice in brush making. It is 1947, then married to Andrée Jardin, that the family starts their own brush factory in Nantes, in northwestern France.

Today, it is the grandsons who run the company and continue to make excellent fine brushes. They manufacture brushes for the industry that are used, among other things, in cookie making, and they manufacture efficient and beautiful brushes in natural materials to take care of your home and yourself.

The grand sons preserve an historical savoir-faire of outstanding brush making while collaborating with designers and other craftsmen to offer sustainable, beautiful and effective household utensils, in modern versions to fit into the modern family home.

Thanks to their authenticity and skills has Andrée Jardin proudly received the French certification EPV - Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant - with which the French state rewards French companies for their excellence in traditional and industrial knowledge.

Enjoy this beautiful collection that fits perfectly in our Scandinavian homes!

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